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Type 216 / U-216 Conventional Submarine (SSK)---navyrecognition.com


The German shipyard HDW has released information about a proposed conventional propulsion long-range submarine project, called Type 216. Based on the Type 214, the Type 216 is designed specifically to meet the "larger conventional submarine" needs of countries like Australia, India and Canada.

None. Ongoing project.

Double hull design.
Type 216 could be equipped with an air independent propulsion system, giving it the same kind of ability as a nuclear submarine: Staying underwater for weeks to reach crisis area, such as the Strait of Malacca. Like an SSN It would have the ability to launch cruise missiles, to deploy special forces with their underwater delivery vehicle and even unmanned underwater vehicles. The class is designed to be extremely quiet due to its propulsion system and through the use of sound absorbing coating on the hull.

•6x 533 mm torpedo tubes (to deploy torpedoes, anti-ship missiles or mines)
• Vertical Launch System (2.5 m diameter to deploy cruise missiles or UUV)
•Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) to deploy special forces
Sensors, Electronics and Decoys

Diesel / Electric. Optional air independent propulsion system.

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